You Can Make a Superfood Smoothie

Smoothies are a very good way to get all of your nutrients in one easy to drink meal. You can fill them full of fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and even protein powders to give yourself the boost you need. You can also use them to make up for the  vitamins and minerals you might otherwise miss each day. I think most people don’t know the many ways you can make smoothies to fit your dietary needs or tastes, here are a few easy methods for making a smoothie and how to change your superfood smoothies to give it a different flavor.

Milk Based Smoothies

Most of us think of a milk based smoothie as being made from common dairy milk. Hoever you can use any type of nut milk to make a smoothie and therefore comply with vegetarian or vegan eating habits. These smoothies are usually creamy and offer more of a milkshake feel to them. These are ideal bases for fruit based smoothies and early morning smoothies where you need to gain a calcium or protein aspect to your drink. They are fairly easy to make and require only a small amount of milk. Ideally you will be adding your fruits or vegetables to the blender first and adding one quarter cup of milk to start with. You can also drizzle your milk in throughout the blending process until you reach the consistency you want from the smoothie.

Yogurt Based Smoothies

Yogurt based smoothies generally use Greek yogurt which is thicker and has more superfood properties. Some of these yogurts already have some fruit added and are ideal in cases when you may want a certain fruit such as blueberries, but are unable to get them out of season. These smoothies usually use about a half cup of yogurt, or small yogurt serving, per blended smoothie mixture. If you feel that the consistency is too thick, consider using regular yogurt that is not as thick or more water based fruits and vegetables.

Pure Juice Smoothies

Pure juice smoothies tend to use items like bananas as the base to replace the yogurt or milk. A banana, apple, berry or mango smoothie is a prime example. To add liquid, you would use water until you reach the right consistency. Alternatively, you can also add fruit juice that has been pre-made or bottled.

These are only some ways you can use to make smoothies. There are many other ways that fit different eating habits of the various and numerous diets that exist.

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