Lychee Coconut Smoothie

Lychee Coconut Smoothie Ingredients:

5-7 pieces frozen lychee, pitted (you may use frozen lychee, simple rinse out the syrup it’s usually packed with and then freeze before use)
Half a cup coconut water
Half a cup silken tofu (or use plain yogurt)
1 heaping tablespoon ground flax seed
Shredded coconut for garnish (optional)


Lychee coconut smoothie recipe
Lychee Coconut Smoothie Instructions:

Take out the lychees from the freezer as you are preparing the other ingredients. It helps if the other ingredients are cold as well for a thicker smoothie that you’ll surely enjoy!

lychee coconut smoothie recipe step 1
Simply place the silken tofu, lychees, coconut water, and flax seed in a blender or blending bullet.

lychee coconut smoothie recipe step 2
Mix until everything is incorporated.

lychee coconut smoothie recipe step 3

Pour into a serving glass or drink straight up.

lychee coconut smoothie recipe step 4

You may enjoy this as a pre-workout smoothie or add half to a full scoop of extra protein powder for a post work-out snack.

lychee coconut smoothie recipe step 5

If you wondering what would be a light smoothie that’s perfect for an afternoon snack or brunch, then the Lycheee Coconut Smoothie is the perfect solution.

This low-carb high-fiber lychee coconut smoothie is packed with protein, amazing fruit flavor, and electrolytes that’s good for you. The flavonoids and vitamins in the lychee fruit also strengthen your immune system and protect against disease.

And you know what? Popsicles can be made from this recipe!

Lychee Coconut Smoothie Notes:
Feel free to double the recipe to use the recipe as a meal replacement.
Adding some protein powder would be great if you want to gain weight or bulk up.
The protein in the silken tofu will help you keep full.
Coconut water is better for you than most sports drinks

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